I am an expert on how to sell yourself

In my seminars I use old-fashioned methods that are time-tested and that work today as well as before. Reliability, humility, interest in a customer as a human – these are the key factors of success. I will teach you how to successfully profit from them.

Petr Starý

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I work directly in the field.

If you lead a team of salesmen or if you run your own company, if you sell a product or service, I will accompany you directly in the field, i.e. directly to your customers. We will find out together what you are doing right and what you can do differently and better. You will see the results immediately: by means of concluded deals and satisfied customers.

Being able to sell yourself.

Currently there is a lot of competition and customers can decide who they are going to purchase from. I will teach you and your salesmen how to predominantly sell yourself/themselves. In the first phase of sale it is your conduct and your approach that determine whether a customer will choose you and, subsequently, what you sell. And I will show you how to successfully sell yourself.

Showing interest in a customer

In my opinion the biggest difficulty that salesmen must overcome is the urge to sell goods/services for as much as possible within the shortest amount of time. Hardly anyone can say that they have shown interest in a customer as a human. I will show you how to act in a different way and you will see the advantages of this approach.

What am I like?

We all have our own stories: the moments when we stood on our own two feet for the first time, our first words. Later on our books of life are supplemented with first loves, attained education, reached professional experiences and our first business success. Yes, I used to sell products, lead teams of salesmen, persuade customers, put arguments forward and fought the good fight. At the same time I was watching the changing world of business around us. Products and services are different today and we, the customers, keep on changing as well. We do not have the needs that salesmen cannot meet. There is plenty of everything, competition is fierce and salesmen try to find ways, ruses, approaches as well as dirty tricks how to endear themselves to customers.

This is where my current chapter of life starts. I am Starý (Old in English) so I simply stick to good old habits and values , i.e. decency, honesty, fairness and humility. I believe that less is more. I teach that going straight and not dodging is worthwhile. I do not doubt that customers appreciate sincerity. This is how I treat salesmen and all my clients who want to learn how to sell successfully. Not only hundreds of years of history but also my clients and their satisfied customers and successfully completed deals prove that the good old ways work.

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The ability to sell service or a product starts with the ability to sell oneself, i.e. with our skills, knowledge, conduct and self-worth. Being aware of self-worth and promoting it continuously is important, i.e. to reinforce a relationship with myself, to what I hold in high esteem about myself and to what I can lean on inside myself.

I believe in myself

What we believe we will manage to do will be successful. Customers can recognize whether we believe in what we are selling. This is where their trust in us starts. Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses requires regular mental training. Awareness of my inner SELF leads to successfully persuade people around me.


Humility is a very precious precondition for a successful negotiation. It is the ability to admit one´s mistakes, defects, ignorance and imperfection. Humility allows us to learn from our own mistakes, not to repeat the same faults and not to pressurize others. Humility is the ability to stay on top of things and to perceive a higher sense of our acts.


Imagination is the only way how to escape routine. We are no more children who can see things how they want them to happen. In sale and communication with the customers imagination, it is an important quality to sell your enthusiasm for a product/service, enthusiasm for what we do and why we do it.


It is not just about coming and going at the right time and to keep what we have promised. It is important to know how to set targets and tasks which we can fulfil faithfully regardless of whether the others are reliable towards us. We need to be convinced about our reliability for ourselves.


Passion is part and parcel of imagination and self-worth. It is the positive energy driving us forward, enthusiasm and determination for anything we decide to do, i.e. to sell, to attract a customer, to negotiate fair conditions and to be able to make a quick decision. Positive energy is directed towards I can do it!

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